• Samuel Shepherd

Guest Speaker: Silvana Trevale

Silvana is a photography graduate of Huddersfield University whose personal projects consist of documentary portraiture in her home country of Venezuela. Her project called Venezuelan youth looks at the struggles of the economic and social crisis occurring in their country expressing the transition from innocence to the premature maturation. She shoots many of her projects in film on a medium format camera. There is just something about medium format film that looks gorgeous to me. The colours from the film that she uses is something that can’t be replicated on a digital camera. Years ago, my grandma gave me a digital camera and for a while I’ve thought about getting into film photography. Digital camera with 64gb memory cards makes it so easy to just take as many photos as you want but with film you must be selective with what you shoot. The film camera aesthetic is something that is coming back into fashion in the photography world and having a small compact 35mm film camera would really benefit me in working on my street photography.

Going back to Silvana’s discussion during the Q&A session she explained how important it was to have a good online presence as this is how she obtained most of her work as a photographer working in London. Much of her professional work is fashion involving many high-profile magazines and brands. Fashion photography is not something that particularly appeals to me as it’s not what I’m used to, but the method of practice is similar. Maintaining that professional relationship with clients for repeated work is key for developing a good network. The problem is the market is becoming saturated with photographers and you need to get in there before anyone else!

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