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Ben Draguisky

I came across Bens work when I was looking at ‘The Modernist’ website. His small zine ‘DETAIL’ caught my eye from looking at the cover with his style of clean angles and his pastel colour schemes. After a quick search on Instagram to find more of his work I loved it. I decided then to buy to zine to act as an inspiration to get me out in the summer to shoot in his style. The direct sunlight and clear blue skies create such amazing colours but not only this, it’s the compositions too. Having a keen eye to look for the simple compositions in this documentary style is something that I am working towards myself and I feel looking further into his work and always refreshing my memory through this zine will help me to progress my work as an architectural photographer.

When I was back in Huddersfield, I took advantage of the spring weather of beaming sunshine and Clearblue skies to try and see how I did in this style of shooting. It was a combination of my architectural style while incorporating a bit of street photography in which is not something that I usually do. It was all about finding the right composition and then just waiting for the right time to take the photo. In this instance it was timing the woman walking across the frame.

Another image that I took required some postproduction to try and imitate the look of if I had taken the image on a film camera. This style of imagery is something that I have always had an interest in however having a medium format film camera is not something that I can just buying. Increasing the warm tones and reducing the saturation slightly to me gives the desired effect even if it doesn’t exactly match Ben’s style which is typically colder with more of a blue tint.

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